Palavra do Dia

A palavra do dia de hoje é:



Well, this holiday is also celebrated in Brazil, where the Catholic Church is still the main religion. In this date, people avoid eating red meat and opt for fish, such as cod. And for desert, the very well-appreciated CHOCOLATE!

Have a happy Easter, everyone! But don’t eat too much chocolate at once, ok?

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Palavra do Dia

A palavra do dia de hoje é:

Coelho da Páscoa

Co•EH•lho / dah / PAHS•coh•ah

Do you know that in Brazil there is a nurcery rhyme about the Easter Bunny? No? Well, take a look below:

Coelhinho da Páscoa

Coelhinho da Páscoa, que trazes pra mim?
Um ovo, dois ovos, três ovos assim.
Um ovo, dois ovos, três ovos assim.

Coelhinho da Páscoa, que cor eles têm?
Azul, amarelo e vermelho também
Azul, amarelo e vermelho também.

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