Portuguese Language Expressions #7

The Portuguese Expression of this week is “São outros quinhentos…” which in English is something like “these are other five hundred…”. It makes no sense at all in English, I know… However, the correlated expression is “that’s another story”.

This is a VERY popular expression and it is used to express that the newly introduced subject is completely different from the current discussion.

Em comparação com o Brasil, a qualidade de vida na Inglaterra é muito melhor… São outros quinhentos!

Sua habilidade em espanhol é muito boa, mas seu inglês, são outros quinhentos…

“São outros quinhentos” always shows that the other subject is completely different from the first topic. In the last example above, the use of this expression may have a pejorative feel to it, since you are saying that his or her English is poorly.

I hope this article has helped you understand more of this expression! If you have any doubts, let me know in the comment area! Oh, and subscribe to our email list to receive the newest updates about Brazilian Portuguese.

Até mais!




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