Portuguese Language Expressions #6

The Portuguese Language Expression of this week is “Bobeou, dançou”, which in English is “you act foolish, you dance”.

This proverb is used when someone is acting carelessly with something in a way that they might loose it…

For example:

Você ficou levantando o tempo todo da sua cadeira, e agora perdeu o assento… Bobeou, dançou, meu filho!

O candidato em primeiro lugar da seleção demorou a aceitar o convite e acabou perdendo a chance. Bobeou, dançou…

When kids (with bad behavior) find something and discover that another person lost it for lack of care, they say a very popular- and politically incorrect – phrase: “Achado não é roubado, quem perdeu foi relaxado”, which also has a correlation to the proverb of this week. The translation of this expression is “What is found isn’t stollen, who lost it was careless.”

I hope you have enjoyed it and I’ll see you next time!

Até mais!



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