How to translate FIRE in Portuguese

The translation of the noun fire in Portuguese can cause a bit of confusion, since it has two possible meanings: the flame and the disaster.

The first word for fire (as a material or substance) is FOGO, which is basically the flame.

• A lenha foi totalmente consumida pelo fogo.

The firewood was completly consumed by the fire.

This word originates many others that are also a nice acquisition to our vocabulary:

FOGUEIRA – campfire

FOGÃO – stove

FOGOS de artifício – fireworks

The second possible translation would be INCÊNDIO, the environmental disaster caused by droughts or by the human hand.

• Um incêndio destruiu toda a plantação de milho.

A fire destructed all of the corn crops.

• A poluição no ar da cidade foi causada pelo incêndio florestal.

The pollution in the air of the city was caused by the forest fire.

That’s it for today! Let me know in the comments bellow if you’ve found any difficult words to translate!

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Até mais! Tchau!


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