Portuguese Language Expressions #2

Today’s Portuguese Language Expression is “Devagar se vai ao longe”, which in English can be translated as “One goes far slowly”. This sentence is used when someone is discouraged to continue to move forward, or when something isn’t going as fast as you wanted it to be. This is a reassurance that with a little persistance and patience, you will certainly achieve your goals.

It can also indicate a work that is done without rush, but with precision. Let’s see a few examples:

George estuda português todos os dias. Em breve, estará fluente nessa língua, pois devagar se vai ao longe.

Não fique desanimado com a demora! Devagar se vai ao longe.

Curiously, this proverb can be related to the tale of the Hare and the Tortoise, in Portuguese, A Lebre e a Tartaruga, a fable by Aesop. If you would like to read the version in Portuguese, click here!

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