What does #partiu mean?

If you are in Brazil or if you follow any Brazilian celebrity on social media, you have probably seen the hashtag #partiu.

But what does it mean, specifically?

Well, let’s say you are at home and a friend sends you a message inviting you to a party. He can ask you : “partiu festa?” or “partiu balada”, for example. That expression literally means: let’s go to the party?

People write like that instead of actually writing the complete sentence, which is “vamos para a festa?” 

If you are saying yes, you could substitute that for #partiu, or even #partiu #festa. It’s a way of saying “let’s go!” or “let’s go to… (insert place)”

Or you could be ironic, saying: #partiu #Netflix or even #partiu #dormir, if you’re  not willing to go out! hahaha


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Até a próxima!


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