Vowels in Portuguese

In Portuguese, there are 12 sounds of vowels, a quantity much smaller than in English.

Oral Vowels
a Ɛ e i ɔ o


saco (eu) seco seco mico (eu) soco o soco

o suco

você íris hora boca


The correspondent sounds in English are as it follows:

a – father

Ɛ – America

e – bait

i – bee

ɔ – awesome

o – boat

u – goose

Furthermore, in Portuguese there are five nasal vowels. Do not worry too much if you cannot pronounce them correctly at the first try. It takes a while to learn how to make the sound flow through your nostrils.

The nasal sound usually happens when the vowels are followed by M or N. It can also happen when A or O are together with TIL (ã, õ).

Nasal Vowels


~e ~i õ ~u


pente cinco aviões


samba dente vinte conta


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