Palavra do Dia

A palavra do dia de hoje é:



Continuing with the theme of this month, VACATIONS (insert chorus of angels), today’s word is a place where every Brazilian wants to be… the sea.

In this ridiculously hot wheater that we have in Brazil during January, the only option is to have some fun in the water. In a way, it’s a sort of tradition to go to the beach and to dive in the sea, even if it’s for just one day!

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Palavra do Dia

A palavra do dia de hoje é:



Are you in Brazil in January? Well, if you decide to go to the beach, be warned: it’s going to be JAM-PACKED!

I am here as a friend to tell you that, although it seems beautiful and warm outside, you will probably have to face traffic under that sun… hahaha That, however, never stopped us from going to the beach and having some fun!

Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen!



Palavra do Dia

A palavra do dia de hoje é:



Parabéns can either mean a general “congratulations” for any sort of achievement or it can also be a substitue for “Feliz Aniversário”, or, in English,”happy birthday”. Take a look at the two examples below:

Parabéns, vó! A senhora nem parece que acabou de fazer 89 anos! Está linda!

Happy birthday (congratulations), grandma! You don’t even look like you just completed 89 years old! You’re beautiful!

Carlinhos, meus parabéns! Fiquei sabendo que você entrou na faculdade! Estou muito feliz por você!

Carlinhos, congratulations! I heard that you started college! I so happy for you!

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Palavra do Dia

A palavra do dia de hoje é:



Férias can either be a school break or a work vacation. In Brazil, school vacations start in December and last until the middle of February – something much different from other countries, specially in the northern hemisphere. And people usually get some rest from work between the 25th of December and the 5th of January…

So, in this time of the year, many people go to the beach and enjoy themselves a little break from their routines – specially in this very hot weather!

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Portuguese Language Expressions #10

The Portuguese Expression of this week is “Essa não é a minha praia”, which is a well-known idiom in Brazil and it should be translated as “this is not my beach”. That however doesn’t make any sense in English, so the best way to translate it is using the expression “that’s not my thing…”.

Even though it seems like a different and very random idiom, people actually say it like that in conversations with each other. Let’s take a look at some examples in two sentences:

Sair para a balada todo o final de semana não é a minha praia. Prefiro ficar em casa assistindo um filme e comendo pipocas #truefact

Não acho que ser maquiadora é a minha praia, apesar de eu gostar muito de produtos de beleza.

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Vemo-nos em breve! Tchau!


Calendário do Advento em Português #25

Rou rou rou, feliz natal!

Nós finalmente chegamos ao último dia do nosso Calendário do Advento em Português! A palavra de hoje é:

O Natal

oh / nah•ta•oo

A todos os assinantes do Portuguese with Cassia que acompanharam essa pequena série, gostaria de desejar um feliz natal e boas festas!

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